The Kankakee County Democratic Party is working to recruit a diverse group of highly qualified Democratic candidates. We are seeking candidates who are committed to equal representation and opportunity for every individual regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity or financial status.

We meet the fourth Tuesday of the month.  It is a public meeting and all are invited to attend.  At our monthly meeting, we handle business at the executive board.  The Executive Board comprises of a Chair Gerri Suddeth, Vice-Chair Steve Hunter,  Treasurer Nick Allen, Recording Secretary Gloria Hamilton and Corresponding Secretary Gloria Kennedy.

Meeting activities include but are not limited to:  reports from the Chair and Vice-Chair, reading of the minutes, a Treasurer’s report, and various communications updates.  Democratic precinct committee persons throughout Kankakee County are in attendance as well as supporters, candidates and elected officials.

Democratic precinct committee persons are elected every two years.  They can also be appointed to the position.  Please contact our Chair, Gerri Suddeth if you are interested in becoming a precinct committee person.  They are the closest contact to voters in their designated area and helps get the vote out.











We’re working to recruit and support highly qualified Democratic candidates and promote responsible stewardship of the people’s finances, natural resources and trust.